Ryazan State University is interested in the Development of New Projects with International Partners

17/02/2021 22:00

On February 17, 2021, Nikolay Vavilov, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly for Youth Cooperation, met with the leadership, teachers and students of Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin, Russian Director of the Confucius Institute of the Ryazan State University Elena Maryanovskaya, leading specialist in educational and methodological work of the Confucius Institute, senior lecturer of the Department of Oriental Languages and Methods of their Teaching at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin Anastasia Zaprudnova, as well as the University students.

The meeting participants got acquainted with the key objectives, areas of work and current projects of the Eurasian Youth Assembly. The parties reached agreements on the development of cooperation and interaction, as well as on joint work on the projects of the Assembly’s Youth Wing.

For reference

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly is an international non-governmental organization aimed at forming a social integration model in the name of establishing peace and harmony through the development of multilateral cooperation and public (people's) diplomacy in the Eurasian space. Currently, the Assembly brings together representatives from more than 43 countries. The Assembly signed 107 partnership agreements in culture, entrepreneurship, development of integration ties between the peoples of Eurasia and public diplomacy. Website is eurasia-assembly.org.

Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin

The Ryazan State University named for S.A. Yesenin is a higher educational institution of the city of Ryazan, the largest educational institution in the Ryazan region. It was founded in 1915. The university has 12 thousand students in all forms of education. At the moment, the University conducts research work in many areas. The University is also the founder of seven scientific journals. Website -www.rsu.edu.ru