Rossiyskaya Gazeta: Eurasian Peoples' Assembly called on All Peoples of Kazakhstan to live in Peace

11/01/2022 22:29

The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly (ANE), whose mission is to promote multilateral cooperation and people's diplomacy, headed by the ex-head of the RF FCS, Andrey Belyaninov, issued an appeal to Kazakhstan on January 11 following the protests that took place there.

"On behalf of the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly ", which unites representatives from 45 countries of the continent, I appeal to the friendly people of Kazakhstan with an expression of support and sympathy in view of the difficult situation that has developed in your country, -  says the appeal (available at the disposal of "RG")  - The main wealth of Kazakhstan lies in the diversity and uniqueness of its people, in the approved in the country basic spiritual and moral values ​, common to all mankind, in the common aspiration of the people of Kazakhstan for peace."

The document also says that "Kazakhstan has always been a hospitable home for representatives of many nationalities of the continent and followed the principles of good neighborliness, creating a model of an integral civil society ... building a peaceful internationalist state as a link in cultural, humanitarian and economic relations between Europe and Asia."

ANE calls on Kazakhstan "not to allow destructive forces to ruin the achievements that have been built over the years and to plunge your beautiful Homeland into chaos and lawlessness."

The Assembly also calls on "to provide all possible support to the public institutions of Kazakhstan in restoring stability, in the name of uniting people of goodwill on the principle of friendship and cooperation, without distinction as to ethnic, racial or national origin, religion, social status, political, philosophical or ideological convictions."