Representatives of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly took part in the International Webinar on Science and Education

10/09/2021 14:46

September 8, 2021 the V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technical University hosted an international webinar dedicated to science and education of the present and future.

Representatives of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly attended the webinar:

  • Yulia Petrova, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat for International Cooperation;
  • Kira Kovnat, Head of the Department for Cooperation with International Organizations;
  • Svetlana Tagieva, Head of the Science and Education Department, Head of the Project Office.

During the webinar, the emphasis was placed on the relevance of a qualitative change in the approach to education, the need to switch to trans disciplinary training, as well as modern areas of training, including higher qualifications.

“In the near future, students will choose educational programs and disciplines not only within one university or even a country, but within the whole world. Preference will be given to lectures from leading scientists from all over the world, and the implementation of theses will be carried out on the basis of leading scientific schools that are engaged in trans disciplinary research,” - said Professor Valery Lesovik, Head of the department of building materials science, products and structures of the V.G. Shukhov BSTU, who organized an international webinar.

Professor Yulia Petrova noted the high relevance of the issue raised and expressed gratitude to the Shukhovites, stressing that the department makes a significant contribution to improving the scientific and educational activities of universities around the world.