Memorial Complex of Gratitude to the Ancestors was opened near Novosibirsk on the International Day of Peace

22/09/2021 21:49

In the Novosibirsk region, in the residential area "Svetly" of the Oktyabrsky village, thanks to the efforts of members of the Council for Spiritual Culture of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Svetozar and Irina Darnevs, a unique Memorial Complex of Gratitude to the Ancestors was built.

The memorial perpetuates the tradition of gratitude to the ancestors for their faith and contribution to the Bright Future, which is Real for us. Our generation today lives thanks to the experience and work of many generations of predecessors, thanks to their dreams, worries and aspirations.

The memorial consists of a central monument; four approaches lead through arches with doves, symbolizing the souls of the ancestors, arched passages express four generations: grandfather, father, son, grandson. The central monument reflects the inextricability of the connection between generations. The bell of peace is in the center of the Memorial. It sounds as a sign of the eternal striving of all people for peace, unity, and universal happiness.

At the entrance to the territory of the Memorial Complex, there is a memorial stone with the engraved words of gratitude:

“The Memorial Complex of Gratitude to the Ancestors is dedicated to all who gave their strength and lives for the sake of our Bright Future. We express our respect and gratitude to them for the feat of serving universal human values ​​and ideals in the name of future generations. We promise that we will embody their plans and will live in the Bright Present. Remember and Thank!"

Now the Memorial, opened on the International Day of Peace, will become a place of honoring traditions, unity of generations and a territory of peace for residents and guests of the Novosibirsk region.