Meeting of the Business Club of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly took place in Moscow

30/04/2021 23:29

Honourable guests and members of the association discussed the interaction between business and government, new technologies and investments at a round table meeting.

The event was organized by the Moscow club "Mosbusiness", its Chairman Elena Syomkina acted as a moderator of the discussion.

“Today we will have speakers, guests who have specially come from other cities. They will share their experience, talk about business opportunities, tell you how to promote their business, - explained Elena Syomkina, Chairman of the Moscow club "Mosbusiness", deputy director of the Business Club of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. - And the most important thing is that these people, they want to cooperate with us, with Mosbusiness at the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly; together we will move forward for the our Motherland’s sake.”

The speakers presented their organizations and their capabilities, discussed the role of associations in protecting and promoting the interests of entrepreneurs in federal, regional and municipal authorities, and also talked about anti-crisis business management in modern realities.

“Business, of course, after the pandemic has fallen into decay, but our partners are moving forward, moving, finding solutions and continuing to interact,” - the event moderator clarified. - Therefore, we provide them with moral support and help them find partners, and not only in Russia - and in other countries. And, of course, thanks to our leadership and administrative resources, these processes are starting to work slowly. In a year, we will have different results ... ”.

Mosbusiness entered the structure of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly in December 2020. During the existence of this union, entrepreneurs were assisted in preferential lending, finding profitable premises, as well as in establishing business contacts. The round table that took place is, first of all, interesting from the point of view of interaction.

“I believe that those people who are present here, are especially interested in the holding of such conferences by the Eurasian Assembly, because we cannot always resolve these pressing issues publicly,” - believes Igor Senin, a member of the Council of the International Association of Veterans of the Special Anti-Terror Unit “Alpha”. - Attendance at such conferences brings people closer together. That is, you can come up, chat, ask your pressing questions. We are here voicing the top - what we can, what we see, and specifically the details are already being discussed individually between the two partners who are on this site. The questions that are being raised are especially interesting for business, and for Russia in general."

Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly Mikhail Fedorov noted that the Assembly invites people from business, science, education, representatives of civil society institutions, and, of course, the authorities to every major event. And such a unity of the community with business is always relevant.

“Today we are talking about projects that are of interest to the business community,” - explained the Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly. - For their implementation, it is important to connect business with the authorities, so that what is adopted at the government level corresponds to and stimulates the development of business. One of the main projects discussed today was the holding of a Global Food Forum. The Eurasian Peoples' Assembly today has this project in development; this is the beginning of a long journey."

The UN Summit will raise issues of climate change, the impact of industries on the environment. The main topic of discussion will be reforming food systems, which should benefit people and the planet and help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. According to Mikhail Fedorov, this can only be achieved by combining efforts, which is quite consonant with the ideology of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly. Such processes cannot do without information support. Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the Big Asia TV channel and website, spoke about achieving major goals and promoting through the media at the meeting.

“There are events, and these events have informational support,” - said the head of the media resource. - That is, the key is the event itself, and the informational support is an adjective. But we, together with the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, want to move on to making information activities an event itself. Especially today, when we survived a very difficult pandemic year and most of the conferences went to Zoom, when people began to work remotely, when the formats of communication changed, the importance of the media increased. And oddly enough, all sociological polls show that trust in the mass media, classical mass media, has also increased. And the use of our platform for projects, for the promotion of large international projects, including Asian projects - it seems to be interesting, useful thing that we do and will do together."

The meeting of the Business Club was attended by the owners of companies who shared innovative approaches and progressive methods in promotion, transformation and communication. Businesses today have to work harder than ever to stay relevant. At times like this, support is essential. Cooperation between Mosbusiness and the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly has already shown its first results. Further plans include expanding the network of partners and strengthening Russia's economic ties.