JustMedia: The Works of Ural Photographer Stanislav Beloglazov became the Core of the Exhibition in Morocco

29/03/2022 19:00

An exhibition dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Prince Vyazemsky's trip to Morocco has opened at the Royal Institute of Amazigh (Berber) Culture in Rabat. The project is based on the memoirs and travel notes of a famous Russian traveler, as well as the work of Stanislav Beloglazov, the Ural photographer, director of the MAGNET photo agency and photo school.

"In 1881, Prince Vyazemsky became the first Russian to visit not only Tangier, but also the interior of the country and left a description of his journey in Russian and French. Vyazemsky's Moroccan impressions and observations are still of scientific value. Vyazemsky's memoirs, which are now kept in the Archive of the Russian Geographical Society, contain valuable information about the customs and traditions that prevailed in the highest circles of Morocco in the middle of the XIX century, about their attitude to Russia. Descriptions of Vyazemsky's visits to the sultan and his vizier, which other Russian travelers did not have a chance to pay, are also of great interest," - the exhibition catalog says. 

As Stanislav Beloglazov told to JustMedia.ru, the exhibition includes 30 of his works. They were made by him during one of his trips to Morocco a few years ago.

"My old friends from the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly contacted me and offered to participate in the Museum of Islamic Culture project in St. Petersburg. I sent them my work from a trip to Morocco. They had chosen what suited the texts of Prince Vyazemsky and their mood," - the famous Ural photographer notes.

Ekaterina Turdakina