Happiness of the Peoples of the World: Saudi Arabia

28/03/2022 21:24

In connection with the launch of the joint project of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security and the Happiness Department of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly "Happiness of the Peoples of the World", the Chairman of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security Anastasia Pavlova talks about countries where the happiness of their citizens is a priority area of state activity.


The concept of happiness in Saudi Arabia and the name of the city of Mecca are inextricably linked.

Mecca is a city in the west of Saudi Arabia, located at a distance of about 80 kilometers from the Red Sea. It is a dream and a center of pilgrimage for Muslims around the world.

To get to Mecca is a real happiness for any Muslim. Every year, at a certain date, the al-Haram Mosque in Mecca gathers millions of Muslim believers dressed in white robes and performing prayers. The pilgrimage to Mecca to the al-Haram Mosque is called Hajj. This event is considered the main of the five pillars of Islamic culture.

There is a sacred Zam-Zam spring in Mecca. It is one of the wonders of Islam. Every pilgrim should drink from it. The source has no underground reservoirs. Water flows into it along the slopes of the rocks. It is very clean and is considered curative.


In Saudi Arabia, there is an expression "Happy king - happy country." This is absolutely true. Saudi Arabia can be called one of the most royal countries in the world. The official form of government in Saudi Arabia is an absolute theocratic monarchy, that is, the supreme ruler, endowed with unlimited power, is at the same time a spiritual leader. The king's word, the king's decisions, the king's family are the most important concepts in Saudi Arabia. The King is infinitely trusted, respected and sincerely loved.


Saudi oil reserves are the largest in the world, about 268 billion barrels. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. Saudi Arabia receives about 75% of all revenues from the sale of oil and petroleum products, ranking first in the world in terms of its exports.


In Saudi Arabia, moral values and morality are highly respected. Mutavviin, the local vice police, is active here. Strictly speaking, this is not the police, but something like volunteer vigilantes, making sure that people around do not violate the rules of decency. If you behave in accordance with Saudi norms of behavior, then there will be no problems.

Theaters and cinemas have been officially banned here for 35 years. All cafes and restaurants have two separate halls, family and men's. Either single women or married couples are allowed to enter the first one, but only men are allowed into the second one. Relations between men and women are generally strictly regulated here; spouses cannot even hold hands in public, as it is indecent.

Until recently, local women could only go outside wearing an abaya, a black robe that completely hides the body, and, of course, covering the head.

The famous Harry Potter book series is strictly banned in this country. That's because she talks about magic and witchcraft, and Saudi laws prohibit witchcraft.

Any alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia.


A beauty contest among camels is held annually in Riyadh, the capital of the country. The owner of the winning animal receives not only honor and respect, but also an impressive cash prize of 50 million Saudi riyals.


One of the main indicators of happiness in Saudi Arabia is respect for the king, for the government of his country, for his family, respect for elders.

In Saudi Arabia, children are brought up on moral foundations, in the spirit of respect for their country, in the desire to study and work for the benefit of their State.

The whole world sees the result. Saudi Arabia is one of the most successful countries in the world.

A PoEthic Map of the World by Anastasia Pavlova. © Saudi Arabia.

A great Shrine and a King.
Here respect is a victory.
Here is morality.
And that's the point.
Communication is calm, with conversation.
Among the apricot orchards of the idea.
Persian Gulf.
And a wave without end.
The sea is beautiful.
A bouquet of joy.
Arabia of the sea.