Happiness of the Peoples of the World: Egypt

07/12/2021 14:27

Chairperson of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security Anastasia Pavlova talks about countries where the happiness of their citizens is a priority area of ​​government activity within the joint project of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security and the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly "Happiness of the Peoples of the World".

In 2022, Egypt will celebrate the most important anniversary not only in the history of the country, but for the whole world - 100th anniversary of the discovery of the treasures of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Why this anniversary is directly related to the happiness of Egypt, I will try to answer in this article.

There is an amazing paradox in Egypt - paradox that has no analogues in the world. Regardless of whether a person has an education or not, the history of his native country is in the first place of his joyful life for every Egyptian. The ancient history of the Motherland is a real pride for any resident of Egypt. Every Egyptian, wherever you meet him - on the beach, in the desert, in a shop or in a museum, will definitely invite you to see the pyramids and ask you what you think of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. And here it is important to observe the maximum correctness and delicacy. The fact is that the continuation of communication with your Egyptian interlocutor will depend on your answer.

Over a thousand-year history, Tutankhamun has become one of the most famous Egyptians on the planet. It is a constant and trendy symbol of Egyptian happiness. Happiness that guarantees respect for historical facts, respect for the traditions of the ruling Egyptian dynasties and the continuity of generations.

Egypt can rightfully be called the country of the happy pharaohs. The study of the life of the pharaohs constantly brings new discoveries to modern historians. The life of the pharaohs, ceremonial, the traditions of interpersonal communication, the art of the reigning persons still amaze with their thoughtfulness and desire to make the ruler of the country happy.

Studying even one day of the Egyptian pharaoh can show what happy people they were.

Tutankhamun is for Egypt the personification of the prosperous past of his country. It is the prosperous past, not the present or the future, that is one of the main criteria for a happy life for Egypt. The great ancient history of Egypt, the life of the Egyptian pharaohs, the construction of the pyramids, the relationship of dynasties are the most common topics of communication in Egypt in absolutely all categories of citizens, from workers to doctors of historical sciences. I will share my personal experience. Once, during a boat trip to a giant coral reef, the instructor teaching us the basics of diving said: "Keep in mind that even the most beautiful coral reefs in the Red Sea cannot be compared to the greatness of the wealth of Tutankhamun."

If you want to make new friends in Egypt and feel what Egyptian happiness is, immerse yourself in the unique history of the Egyptian pharaohs. Get ready for new unexpected facts that will amaze you. Get ready for a new style of understanding the ancient history of the planet.

Why is it in Egypt that there were great pharaohs that continue to amaze us in Egypt? Why was it in Egypt that a unique civilization, called by many  the civilization of aliens from heaven was created. The answer is in the Egyptian proverb: "Egypt is the land of the blessed sky."

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