"Happiness of the Peoples of the World" - an Educational Project about Happiness

12/10/2021 20:13

The Department of Happiness and the Eurasian Tourism Security Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly have jointly launched an educational project "Happiness of the Peoples of the World".

The project includes:

  • a series of entertaining articles on the national characteristics on the concept of happiness for different peoples;
  • organization and holding of the International Zoom-conference "World of Happiness" on December 9, 2021;
  • launch of a permanent column "Happiness in different countries" in the magazine "Happiness Aggregator" (AS);
  • virtual lecture hall "Happiness now";
  • business consulting "Happy Business";
  • creative cycle "Happiness of Fairy Tales";
  • a cycle of lectures "World of Happiness: Happiness Economics  / Happiness Security".

Proposals for the "Happiness of the Peoples of the World" project can be sent to e-mail: tb@eurasia-assembly.org, Expert179@gmail.com, happiness@eurasia-assembly.org