Happiness of the Peoples of the World: Bhutan

19/10/2021 00:45

In connection with the launch of the joint project of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security and the Department of Happiness of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly "Happiness of the Nations of the World", Chairperson of the Council for Eurasian Tourism Security Anastasia Pavlova talks about countries where the happiness of their citizens is a priority area of state activity.

The Kingdom of Bhutan, another name for which is the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a mysterious kingdom lost in the Himalayas, between India and China. Until 1974, those wishing to come to Bhutan required the personal permission of the king (or his wives). In addition, even today it is possible only as part of a tourist group.

Bhutan is the most mysterious and closed country in the world. The first country in the world to make the happiness of its citizens its main goal. Here the concept of gross domestic product (GDP) was replaced by “gross national happiness”. Here the concept of determining the index of happiness was created. It was in Bhutan in 2017 that the first Ministry of Happiness on the planet appeared. It is to track the mood of every inhabitant of the kingdom. The indicator of happiness is closely monitored. Surveys are conducted twice a year, the purpose of which is to understand whether the residents of Bhutan feel good, whether they like living in their country, whether they are in a good mood.

Moreover, the index of happiness is constantly growing. Today it has already exceeded 90%. The ANC criteria are linked to four pillars: nature, culture, economic development, and trust in power. Trust is deserved. There is almost no corruption in the country. Happiness really rules national politics in this country.

What is the indicator and basis of national happiness for the inhabitants of the Bhutanese kingdom?

First, it is SILENCE. Yes, don't be surprised. It is silence in the soul, silence in nature, silence and harmony with their thoughts that bring the residents of Bhutan to a state where they do not have anger and envy, when they manage to calmly, without unnecessary emotions, make the right decisions.

In Bhutan, television and the Internet were officially banned until 1999. It was no longer possible to isolate the country from the influence of modern technologies, so the king of Bhutan opened access to these benefits of civilization to the inhabitants. Consequently, Bhutan became the last country in the world to use television.

Secondly, HEALTH. To be happy in Bhutan is important to be healthy. Bhutan has a ban on smoking, an attitude towards respect for nature; vegetarianism and free medical care for all categories of citizens are very common. Bhutanese drink black or green tea with salt, a pinch of pepper and butter.

Thirdly, PRIDE for our national traditions and widespread bright colors. Bhutan has a compulsory national dress code in which the scarf plays the main role. Ordinary residents wear white, while monks wear yellow. Bhutanese people love to paint their homes. These are mainly images of birds and animals, as well as various bright and colorful ornaments. Interestingly, there are no traffic lights in the capital of Bhutan. This does not interfere with public order. In addition, signs are drawn and signed by hand.

However, the main feature of Bhutanese happiness is the PROHIBITION OF MARRIAGE WITH FOREIGNERS. In Bhutan, it is forbidden to marry foreigners. The king makes a lot of efforts to preserve the identity of his country and isolation from the temptations of the whole world.

Poetic World Map / BUTAN © Pavlova A.V., 2019.

Bud of Bhutan.

Ancient Temple

And the runway to take off

In the mountains.

Here is the kingdom

Of Eternal Lamas.

Magic books.

Eagles swing.

Land of the Diamond Dragon.

Among the clouds, the fields are bottomless.

Minister of Happiness is in office.

Bhutan loves cleanliness.

Among home ornaments

The happiness of silence reigns here.

In the mountains of the night on the wet leaves

Here Buddha's Face is like the Face of the Moon...

Anastasia Pavlova