Eurasian Youth Assembly and the All-Russian Youth Movement agreed on Cooperation

15/02/2021 21:00

The leadership of the Eurasian Youth Assembly held a working meeting with the leader of the All-Russian Youth Movement Daniil Piontkovsky.

The meeting was attended by Nikolay Vavilov, Deputy Head of the General Secretariat of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly for Youth Cooperation, and Marianna Grigorovich, Head of the Department for Youth Cooperation.

The parties discussed the possibility of signing a cooperation agreement, and also made a list of joint events. In particular, in March 2021, the Eurasian Youth Assembly and the All-Russian Youth Movement plan to hold a roundtable meeting and foresight session dedicated to youth employment issues.

For reference

The Eurasian Youth Assembly

The main aim of the Eurasian Youth Assembly is to unite the youth of Eurasian countries (individuals and legal entities) to represent and protect common interests, achieve socially useful goals in the development of integration processes on the Eurasian continent, form a system of great partnership of the peoples of Eurasia in the name of furthering based on common spiritual and moral principles peace and harmony in the Eurasian space through public (people's) diplomacy, culture, science, education and entrepreneurship.

All-Russian Youth Movement

The All-Russian Youth Movement is a voluntary non-profit association aimed at creating an open youth platform for networking like-minded people, expanding opportunities for youth growth and self-realization, and building an ecosystem for the socio-economic sustainable development of young people.