Co-Chair of the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly announced the Release of the Compendium “Peculiarities of National Hospitality”

30/01/2021 18:00

The Eurasian Youth Assembly’s partner the Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia “WE ARE RUSSIANS” has been working since 2000. It has extensive experience in implementing projects for youth, using the most modern formats. The Assembly's experts drew attention to the fact that regardless of the topic of events, one thing remains unchanged - during meetings between representatives of different nationalities, it becomes necessary to present national characteristic features, what is not always possible. It is the national hospitality that can become such a bridge between people.

Thus, the project “Peculiarities of National Hospitality” appeared. It is aimed at ensuring the functioning and sustainable development of the ethno cultural sector by preserving and popularizing the traditions of national hospitality and implementing projects in the sphere of national hospitality. As part of the project, a compendium of methodological recommendations was written, which includes theoretical and practical materials, as well as real cases of organizations working in the field of ethnography and strengthening interethnic harmony, announced Dina Gromaticopolo, Co-Chair of the Coordination Council of the Eurasian Youth Assembly.

We offer you an electronic version of the compendium.

The National Union of the Hospitality Industry is the project’s partner.

The project is carried out using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

The Youth Assembly of the Peoples of Russia “WE ARE RUSSIANS” is an All-Russian social movement, officially registered on August 17, 2010. The main goal of the Movement: consolidation of young people of different nationalities for the preservation and development of the cultures and languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation, harmonization of interethnic relations in the youth environment.

Link to the study guide “Peculiarities of National Hospitality”