Big Asia: Experts and Advisers on Amendments to the Constitutions of CIS countries assessed the Thrust of These Reforms

29/12/2020 20:00

On December 25, the international round table meeting "Experience of Constitutional and International Legal Construction in the Eurasian Space" was held online by the ANO "Commonwealth of Peoples of Eurasia" and the Research Institute of South Ural History and Ethnography of the Orenburg State University.

The international discussion of the problems of strengthening the constitutional order recieved a special value and depth thanks to the participation of a member of the working group on drafting proposals for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 2020, First Deputy Secretary General — Head of the General Secretariat of the  Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairperson of the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia Svetlana Smirnova (Moscow, Russia); member of the 2020 Constitutional Meeting for the development of the new version of the Basic Law of Kyrgyzstan Temirbek Nurmatov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan); political scientists Alibek Tazhibaev (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan), Turar Shaikhieva (Uralsk, Kazakhstan) and Nikolay Tsvyatkov (Chisinau, Moldova); sociologists Venaliya Amelina and Galina Sheshukova (Orenburg, Russia); lawyers in the field of constitutional and international law.