Museum of the Sun

Project Name: Cultural and Historical Museum of the Sun.

Project website:

Project leader: Darneva Irina Stepanovna, Co-Chairman of the Council for Spiritual Culture of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairman of the Board of the Sun Expocentre.

Venue: Novosibirsk city, Internet space, Eurasian countries.

Implementation time: since May 2016 - no expiration date.

Project goals:

  1. Comprehensive development of personality through immersion in the history and culture of the ancient peoples who worshiped the Sun.
  2. Implementation of scientific and educational activities in studying the Sun and solar phenomena.
  3. Preservation and study of solar traditions.
  4. Preservation of spiritual values.
  5. Implementation of charitable activities.
  6. Promoting the development of cultural and historical thinking.
  7. Promoting interethnic and intercultural cooperation.


  1. Conducting teleconferences.
  2. Conducting meetings on the territory of the museum.
  3. Presentations of the Museum of the Sun.

Project content:

The Sun Museum represents the peoples and cultures that revere the Sun. Expositions of Russia, Egypt, India, Tibet and Nepal, Indochina and America contain archaeological artifacts and historical reconstructions - collections of masks, ancient solar images and signs, cult attributes, clothes.

The museum collects scientific material about the Sun and explores the historical origins of solar cultures.

The museum of this format is the only one in the world.

Expected results of the project implementation:

The international cooperation.


Museum of the Sun opened in Novosibirsk