Project Name: International Festival “All Colors of Eurasian”

Project Head: Galina Druon, President of the European Association GRALTON - the Center of the Eurasian peoples’ culture

Festival Director:  Tatiana Lambolez, President of “AltanArt” company

Venue and time: France, Vaucluse Department, Orange, Carpentras, Lille, Paris

                             November, 2021

Project goal:

  • preservation, development and promotion of national and cultural traditions of the peoples of Eurasia;
  • uniting the Eurasian peoples on the basis of spiritual morality, high creative activity and responsibility in all spheres of life;
  • Exchange of creative achievements between artistic groups from different countries of Eurasia.

Main objectives:

  • education of the younger generation on the basis of basic spiritual and moral values;
  • meetings with cultural, political and business figures, interaction with state authorities to consolidate efforts aimed at moral revival, education of the younger generation, and support for gifted children;
  • organization of business meetings and receptions, international business dialogues, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and round tables;
  • cooperation with embassies and diplomatic missions;
  • organization of an international forum, cultural, educational, scientific and educational exchanges and sports events.

Project content:

  • Concerts of artists from different countries of Eurasia.
  • Painting exhibitions and thematic exhibitions.
  • Fair of products of national crafts.
  • Conferences on the prospects of cooperation in the business and cultural spheres: “Prospects for Cooperation in the Eurasian Space”, “Dialogue of Cultures”, “Unity of the Eurasian Peoples”; “Journey to the Land of Shamans”.
  • Presentations of books.
  • Master classes in throat singing, making a musical instrument, and healing breathing.

This is a large-scale cultural and educational project that promotes peace, unity, cooperation and further rapprochement of the peoples of the Eurasian countries. It is important to promote and show the ethno cultural diversity, identity and beauty of cultures of different peoples, organize festivals, and present the art of the best creative teams of different countries and regions in Europe.

Through our activities, we help to overcome cultural barriers, negative stereotypes and other obstacles to the development of international cooperation. The festival provides an international exchange of creative achievements between artistic groups; strengthens international cultural ties, increases interest in the culture of the Eurasian peoples; develops cultural interaction between representatives of the younger generation in the EU countries.

The festival fully meets the goals of the UNESCO General Convention – “on the preservation of the cultural spiritual heritage of the peoples of the planet”.

It is possible to sign agreements on joint activities in the field of culture and business, business contracts within the festival.


News about the project:

In November, France Hosts the International Festival “All Colors of Eurasia”