Project leader: Volkova Marina Leonidovna - Ambassador of Peace, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Relations of the Spanish-Russian Web Institute, the author of the method of socialization through the fairy tale "A fairy tale in each of us"

Project Goal:

  • to help everyone find themselves, work out their problems and come to happiness with the help of fabulous photo sessions and fairy tale therapy.

Project objectives:

  • to spread the idea that fabulous photo sessions are more than just dressing up as characters, but a way to work out your personal problems through the character's story;
  • to motivate children and their parents to immerse themselves in a fairy tale and let go of themselves;
  • to remove physical and psychological clamps with the help of fairy tale therapy and fairy photo sessions;
  • to get rid of complexes by trying on images, costumes and working on camera.

Description of the project

Happiness of fabulous reincarnations. Fairytale therapy and life transformation stories. We know that happiness, like a fairy tale, is in each of us, you just need to help people find it in themselves. Fabulous photo sessions are not just dressing up as characters from fairy tales and an illustrated moment of fairy tale history captured in the photo. Largely, this is fairy tale therapy, working out one's personal problems through the story of a character, in which the participants are reincarnated with the help of a fairy tale therapist.

Duration of the project: April 20, 2021 - December 31, 2021 (with subsequent prolongation)

Project partners: Charitable Foundation "Give Blago to the World", Udmurt Regional Public Organization "Center for Support of Creative Initiatives Zhuraveinik +", Charitable Foundation "Give Love to the World"

Contacts: 125009 Moscow Bryusov lane, 11, building 1; +7 (495) 774-12-44, +7 (985) 212-00-25; info@eurasia-assembly.org, volkova@eurasia-assembly.org

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